Headshots Day – Agency Headshots for TBL Agency


On Saturday 14 November, Jake from Light Photography came along to take headsets of the new clients who will be joining the Agency from 15 November 2015.  There was a brilliant buzz all round the Academy as the clients took this opportunity to ‘pull out that pout’ which they did splendidly and the photos are excellent.  They have all been edited now and are live on the Spotlight profiles.  The headshots will also be added to the Agency section of the Tom Ball Live website so that casting directors will be able to see them there and not just on Spotlight to give the clients as much exposure as we can.

Thanks to everyone who was involved for making it such a fun and exciting day.

Why do clients need headshots?

Head shots are pictures that are taken of clients in various character styles to send off to casting directors to be considered for work.  Headshots are very different to a normal photograph that you may take of your children.  A headshot should only be the shoulders and head and the facial expressions should be varied to show that the child is capable of taking on different characters and roles.  The casting directors will use these headshots to see if the child matches the brief they are looking and whether or not to call them in for an audition.

For more information about headshots you can click here

How do I become a client of TBL Agency?

Anyone can be a client of TBL Agency, as long as they attend our weekly Acting class.  It doesn’t matter where you train or even if you don’t train and just have the talent.  We will be able to guide you through the training that would benefit you whether in our own Academy or elsewhere that will offer what you are looking for.  We have various packages available to suit everyone and there is no money paid to TBL after the initial £10 admin fee for setting up your account with us.

If you would like more information then please contact our friendly team on 0113 322 7986 or email info@tomball-live.productions and we will get back to you as soon as we can.