Sizes For Costumes

Sizes For Costumes

We have created an online form that you can use to let us know your child’s size for the costumes.  We need to ensure we order enough of each size for the relevant classes.

We will be putting together the costume list during February Half Term.  We will be ordering new costumes in and arranging hires so please make sure you complete this form accurately.  If we don’t have your child’s sizes then we may not have enough costumes for each child.

We know that there are so many variations to sizes.  Each shop seems to have their own size but if you can just give us your best answer that will be great.

Please remember there will be over 90 children performing in this show and so as you can imagine ordering the amount of costumes we have to order is very difficult.  You can make this much easier by taking a couple of minutes to fill in this form.

Thank you for your time.

Please click here for the form

Breaking News

News just in….

Tickets are selling like hot cakes down at the Carriageworks Theatre Box Office in Leeds.  With the demand for tickets still so high our News team have produced a breaking news bulletin.  For more information click here and you will redirected to the Tom Ball Live Live Studios to see the bulletin.

How do I get my tickets?

You can get tickets for Big Screen Live! direct from the Carriageworks Theatre Box Office by calling 0113 376 0318 or email at or you can book online by viewing the seating plan by clicking here

When is the show?

Saturday 01 April 2017 at 2pm and 6.30pm

How much are the tickets?

The tickets are priced at £15 and £13 for concessions.


Don’t miss out on your tickets for this amazing show and we hope to see you there!!!!

Big Screen Live! DVD

Big Screen Live! DVDs are being produced this year by a new company.

How much is the DVD?

We have agreed on a price of £14 per DVD and we have a minimum number we need to sell to cover the cost of the videographer coming in to film the event with 2 cameras.  The Academy has added no money to this DVD and it is charged at the price we have been quoted by the company.  This is to try and keep costs down for the parents.

When will we receive the DVD?

I have been told that your DVD should be available within 2 weeks of the show (if not sooner) and they will only be available to buy before the show as we need confirmed numbers to cover costs.

What happens when I have submitted the form?

Once you have submitted your online form you will receive an invoice which will be due 7 days after the show.  Once you have completed and submitted the form you won’t be able to cancel payment for the DVD so please ensure you will definitely want the quantity chosen before you order.

How do I book my DVD?

If you would like to book your DVD then please use our online form and then submit it.  You will receive an invoice for the DVD which will not have to be paid for until the show. We just want to make sure that we have sold enough.

Can I buy a DVD after the show?

Unfortunately we won’t be selling any DVDs at al after the show.  Because we have a minimum order to reach we need to know we have done this before the show so there will not be any DVDs available to buy after the show.  This is why we have made it so you can pay for the DVD within 7 days of the show.


If we don’t sell enough DVDs and we are left covering costs then unfortunately we won’t be able to produce a DVD of the show again and this would be awful for the students who need to be able to watch themselves back to see where they can improve and to learn about their performance.

I still have all of my VHS (don’t laugh) from when I was performing and they are memories I still look back on to this day.  I don’t want to take this away from our students.