What is Acting?

Acting here at the Academy starts from 7 years and is designed for the younger children to help to improve speech, articulation and diction whilst the senior classes are to develop these skills and take the actor to the next level. As there are scripts to read it can help them with their reading and in particular sight-reading, which children can struggle with initially.

Are there additional benefits?

These classes offer many employable skills the children can use in later life, even if they are not wanting to pursue a career in the arts. They learn public speaking, confidence, persuasive speaking and the ability to lead discussions and work as part of a team.

Who teaches Acting?

The classes are is taught by Luke Broughton.

What will the students be doing in the Acting Classes?

Within the classes Luke works on the following elements:-

– Devised
– Physical Theatre
– Improvisation
– Script Work
– Monologues and Duologues
– Group Scenes
– Spontaneous Improvisation
– Accents
– TV, Film and Commercials Preparation
– Theatre style

This class is good on its own but it is even better when taken with musical theatre. Luke teaches both classes and ensures that there are different benefits to be gained from each of the classes.

Will this class be performing within the year?

These classes perform a show of Monologues and Duologues each year at an external theatre and an in house performance once a year as well.  This is in addition to our annual performance at The Carriageworks Theatre Leeds at Easter.

What classes are on offer for Acting? 

We have two classes available.  These are

Junior Acting from school years 3 – 7

Senior Acting from school years 8+

We also offer private lessons for those who would like to take acting more seriously and these lessons can lead to taking examinations with the renowned London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA).


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