The Freestyle Associate program is available for those students who show the required skills to progress onto a teaching program. The syllabus is regulated by the IDTA and covers the necessary skills for becoming a teacher of Dance.

The Student Associate is available from 16 years of age and the full Teaching Associate from 18 years of age. These are run twice a year through the Academy and taught by ourĀ Principal Mr Tom Ball. The classes help the students to understand the demands of dealing with various elements of teaching. The course covers;

– Definitions Used In Teaching
– Anatomy and Physiology
– Steps and Movements
– Head, Hand and Arm Positions
– General Teaching Practice
– Discipline
– Warm Up, Dance Activity and Cool Down
– Class Structure

The course gives the students the chance to learn from experience by participating in teaching practice with various teachers in the Academy who all have a wealth of experience to share. Each teacher has different qualities and different ways of teaching so the students can take elements of each teacher’s methods to create a well rounded teacher.

Once completed the students who take the Associate level will be a fully qualified teacher and will be able to run a well structured and safe class for children of all ages.

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