What is Jazz?

Jazz is the style of dance which is very varied and covers a lot one individual styles including, Lyrical, Commercial, Hip-Hop, Street and others.  Jazz is the choreographic progression of Modern Dance. The Modern Syllabus classes give children the necessary technique to be able to dance to varying styles of up to the minute trends within the industry of Jazz.

What is Jazz and Jazz Tech and what is the difference?

No this class is not a syllabus class.  We have split the class into two different classes.  One is called Jazz Tech and is similar to Modern as it is technical exercises that are designed to improve the technique of the students relevant to the level to the level they attend.  The exercises are designed by the teacher and are lead by the needs of the students within the class.  This class will include stretching and corner work as part of the class.

The other is a Choreography class which is designed to tech the students pick up skills and style whilst dancing.  This class has a warm up and corner work and then the students learn a combination or a routine which will continue for a few weeks to give the students the time to practice and perfect it whilst practicing at home between the classes.

Both of these classes are available to take individually.  However, we strongly advise that students take both of these classes as this will give them the best balance of technique and ability to dance.

Why do we believe this is more beneficial than syllabus classes?

We have designed a program at Tom Ball Live to ensure that our students have the best technique while still being able to dance.  Syllabus builds technique through repetition of the exercises and we build technique through repetition of steps which are repeated regularly in different exercises which also develops their pick up skills.

The students will develop their technique, pick up skills, style, performance and above all they will enjoy their classes.  The teacher will constantly asses the students’ progression and will adapt the classes as required to make sure the students don’t have any gaps in their training.  The teacher will be able to diversify their class to suit a more varied ability as they are not constrained by the syllabus but are free to add more complex steps for the higher levels to challenge those who need more of a challenge.  In a similar vein, they can use more simple steps for those may not grasp the steps as quickly.

Because there are no examinations to prepare for, the class can move forward at the speed the teacher feels adequate.  All of this collectively ensures that we are able to provide tailor made training to ensure we are catering for the individual needs of each student. Rather than following a generic program which may not suit each individual child.

What classes are on offer?

We have several Jazz classes on offer and these are

Beginners Jazz Tech
Beginners Jazz
Intermediate Jazz Tech
Intermediate Jazz
Advanced Jazz Tech
Advanced Jazz

We are also a partnership with Stewart Avon Arnold Dance Theatre.  This class works on strong and advanced Lyrical technique and choreography.  If you would like more information about this then please visit the Stewart Avon Arnold Dance Theatre Page.  Please note that this is not a Tom Ball Live Academy Class.

Who teaches Jazz?

The teacher for Jazz is our Principal Tom Ball and Samantha Kellett teaches the Tech classes and Lyrical.

Will this class perform within the year?

Yes all classes at Tom Ball Live perform in the Annual show at The Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds at Easter.


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