What is Musical Theatre?

Musical Theatre is a mixture of Dance, Singing and Acting.  Each week the students will have a separate 45min class in each of the three disciplines.

How does Musical Theatre work within the Academy?

At Tom Ball Live, Musical Theatre is taught to the highest level and is split into classes based on age groups.  This is due to the student’s having a differing level of knowledge and ability in each discipline.  In addition, the material used in different classes is not always appropriate for all ages.

What classes are available in Musical Theatre?

As detailed above.  The classes are split based on school year.  The levels are detailed below.

Tots – School Year Reception and Year 1

Junior – School Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Senior – School Year 7 +

The Junior and Senior classes are split into 2 age groups.  This varies depending on the amount of students in each year within the class.

Will this class perform at all within the year?

There are regular performances in house and at external venues throughout the year. We perform annually at The Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds at Easter.  We also have regular performances in our in house theatre. For our shows we produce shows looking at excerpts from Musicals.  This gives the students the chance to learn about various Musicals and opens their eyes to the world of Musical Theatre.  Each Musical Theatre Class will also perform a Musical in the Summer term which parents are invited to watch in our in house theatre.

Why is Musical Theatre beneficial?

The classes are a brilliant introduction to the joys of performance. If your child is not sure which discipline they are interested in then in Musical Theatre they will get a taste of all three elements of performance.

This class also teaches a lot of key transferrable skills.  These are beneficial for students who don’t want to go into the industry but will be able to use these skills for later life.  A few examples of these skills are

Public Speaking, articulation and diction
Time Keeping

This is why Musical Theatre is a good class for those who are serious about performing as well as those who would just like to attend as a hobby.  It is also a great starting class for those who are interested in the Arts but not sure where their passion lies.

Who teaches Musical Theatre? 

All our teachers are qualified and very experienced, who together, have a vast amount of industry knowledge and experience within this genre.  This leads to outstanding performances at the highest standards.

The current teachers are our Principal Tom Ball who teaches Singing, Dance is taught by Samantha Kellett and Acting by Luke Broughton.


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