What is Show Tap?

Show Tap is a form of tap which does not follow a syllabus. The classes are designed to help the students learn the techniques of tap but focuses on doing this through work set by the teacher rather than an examining body.

What will we do in a class?

Within the show tap classes each week at Tom Ball Live, there will be technical exercises taught to help to develop those skills the students need to perfect in order to execute tap choreography cleanly and accurately, before moving on to a routine set by the teacher.

The routines taught in show tap may last for a couple of weeks.  This is done to give the students who struggle with pick up skills the chance to work at home to perfect the routine before adding more in class.  During these weeks it is important the students in the classes are retaining information from the previous weeks, developing the technique required for tap, gaining confidence, improving week on week and above all, can see they are improving themselves.  The choreography set by the teacher is a great way to assess the needs of the students in their technical ability so that they can structure the technique part of the class accordingly.

Over the course of the term, the students will see an improvement in their understanding of the names of steps and their delivery of the sequences requested, including the style and accuracy of the routine.  We mix up the styles in the show tap classes from the classic film routines like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to more of the new commercial/street tap styles. We believe that diversity is the best training for students. By learning a range of styles they will be able to become a much more rounded performer with many more strings to their bows.

Why do we believe this is more beneficial than following a syllabus?

We have designed a program at Tom Ball Live to ensure that our students have the best technique while still being able to dance.  Syllabus builds technique through repetition of the exercises and we build technique through repetition of steps which are repeated regularly in different exercises which also develops their pick up skills.

The students will develop their technique, pick up skills, style, performance and above all they will enjoy their classes.  The teacher will constantly asses the students’ progression and will adapt the classes as required to make sure the students don’t have any gaps in their training.  The teacher will be able to diversify their class to suit a more varied ability as they are not constrained by the syllabus but are free to add more complex steps for the higher levels to challenge those who need more of a challenge.  In a similar vein, they can use more simple steps for those may not grasp the steps as quickly.

Because there are no examinations to prepare for, the class can move forward at the speed the teacher feels adequate.  All of this collectively ensures that we are able to provide tailor made training to ensure we are catering for the individual needs of each student. Rather than following a generic program which may not suit each individual child.

What classes are available in Show Tap?

We currently offer the following classes in Show Tap

Beginners Show Tap Level 1
Beginners Show Tap Level 2
Intermediate Show Tap Level 1
Intermediate Show Tap Level 2
Advanced Show Tap Tech
Advanced Show Tap Choreography

If you are interested in Tap for students aged from 2 1/2 to 6 then please see our Cheeky Monkeys Page.

Will this class perform within the year?

All classes at Tom Ball Live perform at The Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds once a year at Easter.

Who teaches Show Tap?

There are two teachers for Show Tap at Tom Ball Live.  The main teacher is Samantha Kellett and our Principal Tom Ball also teachers one of the Advanced Show Tap Classes.



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