What is Singing at Tom Ball Live?

There are many different elements to singing.  At Tom Ball Live we ensure that our singers are trained to the highest standards and have created classes to assist with this.  The private lessons are there to be able to polish the individual students technique and gain confidence in their vocals.  The ensemble and A Cappella Classes are there to teach the students how to sing as part of a group and sing harmonies.

What classes are available?

We have the following classes available

A Cappella Group
Musical Theatre
Private Lessons

The private lessons can lead towards Musical Theatre and Pop examinations with London College of Music (LCM)

What is ensemble?

This class is for group singing and covers 2 and 3 part harmony. Ensemble helps the students to learn to listen to each other and blend their voices to create a secure and quality sound. The students only use sheet music so they build their ability to follow notated music and learn to follow a conductor. It is not a pre-requisite of this class that students can read sheet music.  Being able to understand basic musical terminology is imperative to a singer to be able to achieve the highest results.  This will be taught as we move through the pieces.

What is private singing?

The private singing lessons are available in half an hour lessons. These lessons are great confidence builders for the students who are just starting out in singing or to perfect the technique of the more advanced singers. The classes can be tailored to each individual child.  This ensures that they receive training in the elements they need to work on.

What are the exams that you can take?

We offer examinations through the London College of Music’s (LCM) Musical Theatre Syllabus and Pop Leisure Play Syllabus. The Musical Theatre Syllabus offers UCAS points from Grade 6 and the whole syllabus is on the National Qualification Framework (NQF).

Who teaches singing at Tom Ball Live?

All these classes are taught by our Principal Tom Ball.

Will this class perform within the year?

Yes this class will perform at our Festive Evening in December at the Seven Theatre Chapel Allerton.  They will perform within our annual show at the Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds at Easter.  There will also be various external performances we are asked to perform at through the year.


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