Big Screen Live! On The Big Screen!

Bg Screen Live! On The Big Screen!

When is the event?

Sunday 14 May 2017 at 10am – 1pm

Where is the event?

The Vue Cinema at The Light in Leeds

What is the price?

Adults (19 years and over) are £9
Children (2 – 18 years inclusive) are £7

How do I get tickets?

If you click here then you will be able to submit our online booking form.

How many tickets can I book?

There is no set limit.  Please be aware that however many tickets you book you will have to pay for, even if people drop out.

Can I invite other people to watch?

Unfortunately this event is only available to the family of TBL students.

How do I pay?

You will receive an invoice sent to the lead contact within 24 hours of us receiving your booking request.  Payment can then be made in cash at reception or via BACS to Tom Ball Live.

When do I have to pay by?

Payment most be received by us in full on or before Friday 12 May 2017


If you have any further questions then please email and one of our team will get back to you.