Examinations are a valid part of training in the Arts and we would always advocate students doing exams as this gives them the chance to see what an external examiner thinks of their abilities and also helps them to learn to deal with the kind of pressure that examinations bring.

At Tom Ball Live, the focus for us is on performing but we do offer examinations as an extra part of the training.  The examinations on offer are detailed below;

International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) – Jazz and Freestyle Student Teachers and Teaching Course
London College of Music (LCM) – Singing
London Academy of Music and the Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) – Acting

These examinations take place throughout the year. Some have two or three sessions and some are just one sessions. This varies from year to year.

In Acting, there are examinations on offer every term but with the Jazz exams, examinations will be once or maybe twice in a year.  Singing exams will be on offer 2 of the 3 terms and there is the option to switch from Pop to Musical Theatre or even throw in duet examinations as well if it suits your child.  Here at Tom Ball Live we are focused on the individual child and ensuring that everything we offer develops the individual student and this goes for the examinations as well.

Some of the examinations will be held at external venues/centres and some will be in our own studios at Temple Moor High School.  All the teachers at Tom Ball Live have first hand experience of examinations and we are here to help to guide and to nurture the students to achieve the highest levels possible for the individual.