What are LAMDA Exams?

LAMDA or London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts is the most highly thought of examination body for Acting.  There are various different choices of exams at varying levels which means we can tailor make a training program suitable to each student dependant on their chosen path for the future.  The LAMDA examinations are for the children who take private Acting lessons at the Academy.  These examinations do require private, one to one tuition with Luke to attain the best mark possible for the candidate.

Why are LAMDA exams beneficial?

These exams are brilliant for helping students with confidence, speech, pronunciation and diction.  They really help the students to develop those skills they will need when entering the world of employment.  Whether it is in the industry or not.  In business you are required to do presentations, in teaching you are required to stand and deliver a class, as a sales person either on the phone or in retail you are required to communicate with customers and be able to build up a relationship with them in a small amount of time.  All of these things are aided by the skills learnt in Acting.

When are the next exams?

The next set of LAMDA exams are on Saturday 09 July and Sunday 10 July 2016.  These are the dates for the Leeds sessions but there are alternative centres which students can be entered for if they can’t attend the Leeds Centre dates.

What if I would like to take LAMDA Exams?

We would advise that you book a Private Acting lesson with our Acting teacher Luke and then he will be able to asses your current level and advise how long it would be before you would be ready to take an exam.

How often are these exams?

There are 3 examination sessions within the year.  These are Spring, Summer and Winter.