We are currently using Temple Moor High School as the venue for our classes. We are extremely lucky at the standard of the facilities available at Temple Moor. The whole atmosphere of the school is bright and airy with a spacious area for enjoying breaks and lunch etc.

The facilities are detailed below

A Large Dance Studio – This is where the Dance classes are held and Musical Theatre classes.
The Lecture Hall – The lecture hall is where we will hold acting and singing masterclasses and some dance classes it has tiered seating and is a great space to watch each other perform in the acting classes.
The Atrium – The Atrium is the place where people can wait for classes or wait during breaks. It has a huge glass front and large spacious seating area. Drinks and snacks will be available before, during and after classes.
Practice Rooms – The practice rooms are used for the private singing and acting classes. These small intimate rooms are great for one to one classes and are not as intimidating as the bigger rooms to those who are less confident.

The facilities at the Temple Moor are excellent and perfect not just to take the classes but also the space to socialise and build bonds with the other students to create the team environment that we strive for at Tom Ball Live.