Distinctions All Round


Well here I am sunning myself in Majorca when the messages start flying in from our excited students.   They are all desperate to tell me their LAMDA results from the summer session.  And what a way to finish off the year!!! Distinctions???

5 candidates all with Distinctions!!!! And to top it all off 3 of them at 90 or above!!! Hermione, Gracie (in her first ever LAMDA Exam) Anya, Millie and Lauren!!! Well done guys super dooper proud right now!!!

When you add that to the amazing Madeleine Hargrave who has received a Distinction in her Grade 6 RAD Ballet.  Furthermore,  she even managed to get a distinction while she was in full dress and tech rehearsals for Phantom of the Opera at the same time and being down to the finals in a casting for a feature film!!! 

AND!!!!! The FULL SET of distinctions from our Christmas 2015 entries for LAMDA.  This makes every student at Tom Ball Live who was entered for an exam in the last academic year (our first year may I remind everyone) came out with a distinction!!!!!!

100% examination distinction rate!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much to my amazing team.  Without your love and dedication to your students we would not have achieved such a fantastic set of results.  Also to the students.  You have taken on board every detail from your teachers and applied it. You have been amazing and I am so proud of each and everyone of you.

When I decided to create Tom Ball Live, I decided we were going to have a whole different approach to teaching performing arts. Well I live for these days.  The days when the hard work and perseverance pays off and everyone gets to see that there is another way to get to where you want to be.

My students succeed in the way they do because of a loving and caring team.  This means they love the classes and enjoy everything they do at the Academy.  They have the chance to perform with us constantly throughout the year.  In addition, they may also perform with other companies giving them the chance to work with different creatives all with different things to offer.

Laughing and crying as a team.  Being part of something that they can all be proud of.  How refreshing it is to be here now and seeing there is a better way to train students for this amazing industry!!!!

I love you all!!!!

Here’s to an amazing 2016/17!!!!

And remember we dare to be different…

Do you??????