Rachel Maternity

As most of you will know already (you can’t miss it really!!) Rachel is ready to burst now and so she will be going on Maternity from Wednesday 09 November.  We wish Rachel all the best as she sets off on this new adventure.  You may still hear from her as she will still be involved and will obviously still be bringing Gracie so don’t worry she is definitely not leaving us.

I will not be bringing in a new member of staff to take over from Rachel on Maternity.  Some of our senior students will be there for the Tuc Shop and crowd control on Saturdays.  I will be keeping up with all the admin (so please be patient because I am not as quick as Rachel is ha ha).  I will deal with everything as quickly as I can.

If you are paying money then it will be logged and put into an envelope for me to sort out at home.  If you have any questions then these will be noted down and I will reply via email or phone where necessary.  If you would prefer it to be private then please send an email and I will respond that way.

I would ask everyone to make sure that they have joined the relevant groups on our remind app as there will be a lot of class messages sent through there as Rachel won’t be here to pass them on to you.  If you are unsure about this then please contact us and Rachel will be able to help you.

The new reception hours will be

Monday 5.30 – 7.00
Tuesday 5.30 – 7.00
Thursday – No Reception
Saturday 9.00 – 5.00

Please be patient with our team as they do their best to ensure a smooth period while Rachel is off.  I will be in the building always so you can always speak to me if it is an emergency.