Senior Summer Workshop 2016

A Tribute To…
Senior Summer Workshop

What is the summer workshop about?

This summer workshop performance is all about celebrating the amazing wealth of talent within the performing arts industry.  We will be looking at celebrated composers of various musical theatre shows, playwrights and of course choreographers.  We aim to bring our audience a diverse show with varied styles and eras whilst teaching the attendees about the brilliant pioneers that have made this industry as strong as it is today.  There will be the chance for some people to perform in solos, duets or groups as well as full company pieces.  With this show being created by our amazing team we can ensure there is something for everyone to get their teeth sunk into.  Don’t worry if your child is less confident.  There is no pressure for anyone to do anything on their own should they not want too.  The workshops are not only designed to push the limits of those wanting to go into the industry or who are wanting to increase their abilities, but also to help build confidence.

When is the summer workshop?

The Senior summer workshop is from Monday 08 August 2016 – Friday 12 August 2016
10am – 5pm daily with the performance on Friday 12 August 2016 at approximately 3.30pm

What are the ages for each of this workshop?

The age for this workshop is 12+.  If your child is younger than 12 then please see the Junior Workshop page.

Where is the summer workshop held?

The summer workshop will be at Temple Moor High School in Halton, Leeds.

Who will be teaching on the workshop?

The teachers for this workshop are Tom Ball – Singing, Luke Broughton – Acting and Samantha Kellett – Dance.  You can view their biographies by clicking their name.

What will they need?

The students will need plenty of water but they will be able to fill their bottles at the water coolers as and when needed.  They will need plenty of food to last for the day.  We usually have 2 snack breaks and then lunch and we do tend to find they eat all of their dinner in the first snack break so please ensure they have enough.  There may be little bits of costumes but we would only ask if we believe its something they may already have.  You would be told about this during the week of the workshops.

What do they wear?

As long as they are comfortable and they can move in what they are wearing then that is fine.  Bare feet, jazz shoes or black school pumps are the best for footwear.  They won’t be able to wear trainers.  Please don’t wear jeans as they are hard to move in and no skirts or dresses as its not appropriate when dancing.

What is the price of the summer workshop?

The workshop price is £120

What about tickets for the performance?

Each student performing is allocated 2 tickets free and then it is £2 per ticket thereafter.

What if my child attends a dance school elsewhere or not at all?

There is no prerequisite for these workshops.  It doesn’t matter if you are new to performing or have been performing for years.  We open these workshops to all children regardless of which dance school or performing arts academy they attend.

What do I do if I have more questions?

You can let us know of any further questions on the online application form by using the button the below.

How do I register for the summer workshop?

You can fill in our online application form to register your interest.  Please click the button below.

What happens next?

Someone from our team will confirm the receipt of your application and then we will create your invoice and email it to your designated email address.  Your invoice will show the due date of when the invoice needs to be paid by which will be Monday 25 July.  Your place will not be reserved until your invoice has been paid in full and all applications will be processed and booked based on a first come first served basis of when the invoices are paid.

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