St Mary’s Church Autumn Faire

St Mary’s Church Autumn Faire is now firmly in the calendar.  It was a delight to be asked to perform at the St Mary’s Church Autumn Faire for the second time.  The Academy had only been in operation for a matter of weeks and we all clubbed together and got the job done.

The performers for St Mary’s Church Show were

Millie Cranston
Lauren Smith
Erin Wilson
Madeleine Hargrave
Anya Bury
Megan Day

We had some AMAZING vocals which can be seen on our facebook page and some beautiful dance in the form of Irish, Lyrical and Jazz.

Jake from Light Design came along and did all of the sound and added additional lights for us to make sure, as always, that we give the most professional performance possible.  That means sound and lights as well as the performances given on stage.  Needless to say, the students performing behaved impeccably and were a credit to all in the Academy.  The response from St Mary’s Church was lovely and they were thrilled with our performance.

Well done to all those who performed and to those who came along to support.