The Agency Arrives…

As if the excitement of  the Academy being close to opening wasn’t enough, we have decided to add to  this with the launch of Tom Ball Live Agency.

The Agency is for Academy children and children whether they are part of another dance school or not.  We can guide those who are just starting out and can challenge those who have experience already to find the best of them.

Our team will be actively searching for castings and auditions for the clients to show off their performance skills.  We will use the Spotlight website which is the most commonly used directory of performers.  You can choose how far you would like to go in the Agency with our tailor made 3 choices, Bronze, Silver and Gold.  The levels are split to cater for those who would just like to dip their toe and those who want to be sent for everything that comes up, whenever they are suitable.

If you would like to be part of the Agency, there’s no need to audition and no fees to pay, however, you do need to be part of the Acting class within the Academy.  This is to ensure that the children are ready and prepared for the castings and the auditions.  It is also to ensure that we know the children and can help them to grow based on feedback from casting directors.  We want our clients to always be polite and well mannered and this will be encouraged within the class.

As within the Tom Ball Live Academy, we believe that different is better.  This has never been more important than relating to castings and auditions.  You need to stand out, be noticed, be confident!  These are all important qualities we actively encourage and develop within the Academy and the Agency.

Dare to be Different!