The countdown is almost over…

The countdown to the Launch of Tom Ball Live is nearly over now and we have been back to Temple Moor to finalise all of the details ready for the big launch on Monday 21 September.

We start the week with Street, Senior Ballet and Pointe, Private Singing and Adult Ballet, Tap and Jazz.  It will be a great start to the week and after so many weeks off I am well and truly ready to get back too it.  If you would like to know how the rest of the week looks then you can check out or timetable.

Our all new Tom Ball Live banners are here and the uniform is being printed as we speak.  Can’t wait for the uniform to get here hopefully next week.  Gutted we didn’t get it in time to start with on Monday but it won’t be long before it is here.

To help with our countdown we have released our all new Promo Video, which looks amazing and I am so happy with it.  Massive thanks to Jake Steers at Light Design for creating it and all the artwork for Tom Ball Live.  If anyone is looking for any posters, logos, flyers etc then this is the guy to go to.  If you would like to contact him then just get in touch with us and we will give you his details.

Not much left to say but I hope you are all as excited as we are and can’t wait to get started.  Its been a whirlwind 6 weeks or so getting all of this up and ready and couldn’t have done it without my fantastic team around me.  So lucky to have them.

So enough with the countdown, its time to get this party started and I am looking forward to meeting you all this week, so let’s get this show on the road… ha ha.