Performing Arts Agency


Tom Ball Live Performing Arts Agency Leeds, is a Leeds based performing arts agency designed to create opportunities for children and young adults to attend castings and auditions. All of our clients attend our weekly acting class as a minimum and are trained to be confident, polite, focused and reliable in addition to the standard performing arts techniques they receive.

Tom Ball Live Agency provides clients for all types of TV and film as well as theatrical productions. The Agency was started by Tom Ball in 2015 and is attached to the Tom Ball Live Academy. Children can be part of the Agency if they are training in other dance schools or performing arts academies but all of them must attend our weekly acting class, as a minimum, to ensure that they are receiving high quality training and preparation for castings, auditions and working within the industry.

We have excellent staff who have each worked within different parts of the industry for a number of years and this gives the best instruction to the children and young adults who are part of the Agency. We pride ourselves on high standards and a professional attitude and the. Hidden and focused and professional at all times.

Below are some FAQs which will help to answer any questions you have regarding Tom Ball Live Agency.

What we expect from a Tom Ball Live client?

All of the clients at Tom Ball Live Agency are polite, confident, focused and reliable. This is a core expectation of ours towards our clients. We ensure that we are on hand to give advice on all aspects of the contracts and paperwork in addition to being available to give one to one tuition to anyone who is called for a casting.

Who will I deal with at Tom Ball Live?

There are 3 members of staff currently working on the Agency, Tom Ball with a background of Musical Theatre,  is the director of the company and is also the Principal for the Academy.  He insists on high standards across all disciplines and this is reflected but the other staff who work at Tom Ball Live.  There is also Luke Broughton who is our Acting teacher as well as being a large part of the Agency when it comes to speaking to casting directors and coaching for auditions.  Rachel Hartley is our administration manager and she takes inbound calls and deals with all of the paperwork from the Agency.  These three members of staff together are the backbone of the Agency and keep the whole thing running.

Who can become a Tom Ball Live Agency Client?

Tom Ball Live Agency Clients can come from either the Tom Ball Live Academy, another dance/performing arts school or even if they have no prior experience in the Arts but show they have the potential to be something special.  Any of our clients must attend, at least our weekly acting class but other than that we welcome anyone with a passion for the arts.

Where do I find more information about Tom Ball Live Agency?

If you would like any more information about the Agency then we have an E Welcome Pack which we can send out to your designated email address.  If you would like to send an email then you can do so to the address below or you can go to our Agency Application Page and submit the form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.
0113 322 7986