Tom Ball Live was founded in 2013 as a production company to stage shows in the city of Leeds area. The company stages all kinds of performances from workshops like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Annie to name a few, to full scale dance shows and musical theatre productions.

The founder Tom Ball realised that in order to produce the best shows he needed to train the next generation of performers. In 2015 he decided to launch an Academy with the philosophy that different is better. An academy that realises that all children are different, have varying goals to achieve and different talents to nurture. With an experienced and professional team behind him he embarked on a mission to create a training establishment that had the individual child at the centre. Here at Tom Ball Live we believe our role is to discover the talents within all the children and help to encourage them to grow in confidence and develop the required skills to achieve their goals.

To give the children a platform to showcase their talents, Tom decided that an agency would create the best possibilities for the children to gain the all-important performance experience. The agency will be run by Tom and Luke, to obtain the best opportunity of finding the perfect roles for our students. All the children at the academy will be given the chance to be part of the agency if they so wish.

Nevertheless we don’t just rely on the performance opportunities created by the agency, all our team are of the firm belief that performance is the main training tool. Classroom work is fine but for a performer the stage is their classroom. At Tom Ball Live we stage everything from singing shows, acting monologues and duologue, small plays, musicals and performance competitions around the UK. We aim to give children a diversity of opportunities to perfect their training.

We believe performance is key, however, we do agree that exams to measure progression are a fundamental tool used to encourage students to believe in themselves. We offer singing, dance and acting exams throughout the year for those children who would like to participate. These exams are encouraged, but are by no means mandatory. We offer jazz exams with the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA), singing exams in musical theatre and pop with the London College of Music (LCM) finally we offer acting exams with the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts (LAMDA).

When you consider the Academy, Agency, devoted staff, performing opportunities and happy atmosphere, we believe this creates the perfect environment to develop future performers.

At Tom Ball Live we think different is better… do you?

Dare to be Different’